Warranty Details

At Piston Ring we stand behind our products and will honour warranty claims made at any of our Auto Value associate stores in North America. Under the North American Warranty program, parts submitted for warranty claims that were purchased at an affiliated auto parts store can be exchanged free of charge (excluding any labor costs) at any affiliated auto parts store throughout North America.


Warranty Requirements

The requirements of the North American Warranty are as follows:

  • The part was purchased at an affiliated auto parts store.
  • The customer has the original proof of purchase.
  • The part fails within the manufacturer’s warranty period.
  • Part should be returned to the original auto parts store if the customer is within 50 miles. (engines, crankshafts, transmissions, power tools and equipment are not applicable and must be returned to the original store)
  • If the part is a brand not normally carried by the store honoring the warranty, the part will be replaced with a comparable brand.