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Piston Ring is proud to be a member of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, one of the largest auto parts distribution and marketing organizations in the world. With Auto Value store and service center locations throughout North America and Europe, the Alliance is a dependable source for quality parts and service for over 2,700 parts stores and an equal amount of certified service centers. Professionalism is hard at work in Auto Value parts and we committed to providing the professional installer the parts you need at prices you can afford.

 The Alliance

The Alliance prides itself on responding to the individual automotive needs of each customer and providing proven, quality service. Our growth and leadership in the automotive aftermarket is built on providing quality service and quality parts. Whatever superior name brand or PartsMaster part or accessory you may need, we’ve got it. And, you’ll find skilled personnel behind our counters to help you get the job done right. Each Auto Value parts store proudly participates in the North American Warranty guaranteeing they’re offering the very best, defect free products available.

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