As our name suggests, we stand for the best in automotive aftermarket customer service and supply. We believe our best resource for accomplishing this goal is our people. Sales and service are the lifeblood of our organization. We believe people respond positively when they feel involved; are free to participate; have their opinions considered; and see clearly the opportunity to develop. We want people who do their jobs well and who expect the same from those they work with. We know a professional, diligent workforce is the answer to the future growth and development of the company, which in turn provides opportunities for employees to grow and develop personally.

We believe in the free flow of information up, down and across organizational lines. We insist on “homework” and planning. A disciplined approach to accountability and measurement of our daily performance is fundamental to our ongoing success. Our ultimate goal is to create a company of people who understand the constant need to adapt to changing environments, and at the same time protect the stability of the organization.




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